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Premier Provider is a Michigan woman owned minority distribution company that supplies quality products at competitive pricing to accommodate the growing demands of customers and industries. We work hard to serve customers and help them stretch their budget while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.  




Our Mission is to provide customers with quality and affordable products and ensure customer satisfaction. We build partnerships and develop business relations that encourage continuous improvement for a sustainable future. We strive to create jobs within the Detroit metropolitan area and urban America to help reduce unemployment. We support supplier diversity programs and corporate diversity goals.


Our goal is to to develop community change centers to house, train and inspire the under-privileged, fight human trafficking and help returning citizens to transform their lives through providing an adequate relapse prevention program. Our current community service non-profit organization, Daughter of Beauty - Son of Valor, has helped to mentor and positively impact at risk youth within the Detroit metropolitan area.

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  • Customer Focused and Satisfaction

  • Invoice Management

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Committed to Serving Others

  • Strong Business Partnerships

  • Product Engineering

  • Optimize Supply Chain

  • Urban Community Enhancement 

  • Private Labeling

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