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Manufacturers * Distributor * Corporate Buyers

Collaborations with our manufacturers are maintained to meet corporate buyers' requirements for large bulk volume production, as well as fulfilling the need for specific capabilities at specific stages of production.  


 Contract Manufacturing

Improve Lead Time * Increase Efficiency * Capture Value on the Floor

Our partnerships with manufacturing experts work to develop a vision for customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and quality assurance that provide corporate buyers a greater ROI.

Our product capabilities are backed by quality inspection, testing and on-time bulk distribution.

 Private Labeling

Product Engineering * Off-Invoice Pricing * Lower Marketing Costs

We offer quality products that have been created and tested for corporate buyers to purchase and sell to customers under the power of their company's own brand.



Innovation * Tax Incentives * Creativity

Research shows that companies who embrace diversity are more profitable (some are generating more than 130% greater return, according to the Hackett Group’s research results) than companies that do not embrace diversity in its business suppliers. The federal government provides tax breaks for companies that utilize minority and women-owned businesses as suppliers.

 Manufacturing USA

Create Jobs * Reduce Unemployment * Reduce Crime    

Our manufacturers of Consumable Packaged Goods, CPG create sustainability to maintain jobs in  America. As sales revenues increase we strive to train and create jobs for returning citizens by building production plants in urban communities. 

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